Dry Evaluation: Within 15 minutes after samples have been ground, the dry fragrance is evaluated by lifting the lid and sniffing the dry grounds.

Wet Evaluation: Stirring 3 times, then allowing the foam to run down the back of the spoon while gently sniffing.

Step 1: – AT 90-80oC the liquor is aspirated into the mouth in such a way as to cover the tongue and upper palate. Because the retro nasal vapours are at their maximum intensity at these elevated temperatures, Flavour and Aftertaste are rated at this point.

Step 2: – At 80 – 70oC, the Acidity, Body and Balance are rated next. The Balance is the harmony of the tastes and flavours.

Step 3: – At 50-35oC, Sweetness, Uniformity, and Clean Cup are evaluated.

Step 4: –  Evaluation of liquor should stop at 21ºC and the Overall score is determined by the cupper and given to the sample as “Cupper’s Points” based on all of the combined attributes.

Tasting and Describing:

  • Start with the Inner Circle.
  • Work your way towards the extremities.
  • Sensory Tests for Coffee requires time and practice to master.
Light, Delicate, Creamy, Heavy feel between tongue and roof Swish the coffee around your mouth and describe how the coffee settles on your tongue after you spit it out or swallow.
ACIDITY “Brightness” or “Sour”
(certain fruit-like flavors can help you identify these flavors)
Tartaric Acid: – Grapes, Acetic Acid: Vinegar, Phosphoric Acid: Grapefruit/Mango, Malic Acid: Apple/Pear, Citric Acid: Orange/Lemon
SWEET Rating Sweetness refers to a pleasing fullness of flavor. Opposites would be sour or astringent.
BALANCE Rating If the sample is lacking in certain aroma or taste attribute or if some attributes are overpowering, the Balance score would be reduced.
FLAVOUR Based on The Coffee Wheel Flavor represents the coffee’s principal character, the “mid-range” notes, in between the first impressions given by the coffee’s first aroma and acidity to its final aftertaste.
AROMA Based on The Coffee Wheel
UNIFORMITY Rating Uniformity refers to consistency of flavor
CLEAN CUP Rating The absence of hard notes, fruity-fermented flavors, earthy flavors or other off notes. From first ingestion to final aftertaste, a “transparency” of cup.



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